Flint ignitor is used to start all process with ignite starting powder.

Product Code: IGNITER


Piler is used for fixing and positioning conductors, when the mould is closed.

Product Code: PLIER


Pre Heating Unit is used for pre heating the mould. It provides a longer mould life.

Product Code: PHU


After the process, consisted slags with in the mould must be removed. Scraper is used for sticked substances and Soft brush is used for removing dusts without damaging the mould.

Scraper Product Code: SCRAPER

Soft Brush Product Code: BRUSH-S


Wire Brush is used for cleaning conductors, prior to locating them into the mould.

Wire Brush Product Code: BRUSH-W


After executing likely 30-40 connections, the mould in process could be deformed by the moving edges due to overly open / close movement. Sealer is used to fill the leak cracks which are composed inside the mould. By this application, the operation life time span of the mould is extended notebly. Sealer is available in packages of 400 gr and 800 gr.

400 gr packages can make 30 connections in avarage

800 gr packages can make 60 connections in avarage

400gr Sealer Product Code: SEALER-30

800gr Sealer Product Code: SEALER-60


It is a kit existing of a leather glove, a safety eyeglass and a carrying blanket.

Safety Equipments Product Code: KIT-SAFE




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